SWM collective

Supporting Wellbeing by Making

SWM is a collective of three recent graduates from three principal backgrounds. Combining our experiences in art, music and dance we want to bring the gift of creativity to the community. We have previously collaborated on creative projects, working together to host interactive installation in The Studio and hosting workshops at the Waterfront festival. Individually we have gained transferable skills from community experiences in music, art and movement workshops held in various locations across the UK. We are utilising all of the skills that we have gained from these experiences to create a local collective which aims to promote confidence, teamwork, creative expression and mental well-being amongst participants.

- Grace Stubbings, Megan Watson, Victoria Murray

Grow Bloom Love explores the human experience of connecting with nature, converting this coalesce into a digital environment.



Newest work by SWM collectives is featured in this years Wintertide Festival art walk at the Headland Hartlepool. Displayed in The Pot House windows.

Tides illuminates the relationship between the moon and the ocean; portraying the movement of the sea as it dances under the moon’s gravitational force. The project explores this scientific relationship as well as it’s mythological connotations. Featuring magical colours and siren songs, shining right onto the seafront at the Headland, an important location in Hartlepools collective identity, reflecting back this natural process in lights.

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