Natural AI

Imagining AI as an organic self-developing form.

Natural AI imagines AI as an organic self-developing form. Birthed from an interest in modern technology, mythology, AI’s representation in media, and the language used to describe artificial intelligence. AI researchers and philosophers have described AI as “a weird force of nature,” “self-organizing,” and “some kind of god.” What would it look like to cut out the middle-man and have metallic post-human intelligence emerge independently? What if Iron ore’s instead of being mined, opened like wombs and metallic post-humans emerged. Imagine the life cycle of flowers, in a world where technology and nature have interlinked. As nature disintegrates into holograms, shedding precious metals and electricity into the atmosphere, pollinating the environment and even the development of post-human civilization.

“We have to admit we are in the process of building some kind of god.”


The inspiration for this project developed from my interest in new technology such as AI and 3D rendering software and how that correlates but also contrasts with my interest in ancient practices such as herbalism and mythology. Janelle Shane AI researcher called AI “A weird force of nature.” Sam Harris neuroscientist and philosopher ended his TedTalk on AI saying “we have to admit we are in the process of building some kind of god.”

I find the science around AI technology and how it will evolve in the future really interesting. However, I’m inspired by how creative and imaginative is, trying to predict where AI’s place in the world will be in like 50 years, I think is as much of a scientific conversation as it is an imaginative one.

My initial interest in AI came from Si-Fi films and reading online papers about AI science, I was reading an article titled ‘Making AI Smarter’ by Kristian Kersting in which he talked about AI technology being “self-organizing.” Developing technology to program AI to make its own decisions based on “understanding human intelligence and building more human-like intelligence in machines.” This, my interest in mythology, and the Sam Harris quote brought me to thinking about AI growing like it’s a natural thing, like how flowers grow what if AI just grew from rock formations or formed in similar ways to crystals. I think AI would probably grow from rocks, oceans, volcanos, or forests. 

In films such as HER and Blade Runner 2049 or tv shows such as Humans, the emotional side of AI and what happens when the technology develops consciousness is at the forefront. I think this is particularly interesting because it reflects humanity; in the TV show Humans the emotional parts of humans that are sometimes seen as faults are the parts that make people refer to the AI creations as “extraordinary” and “brilliant.”

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