Natural AI

Imagining AI as an organic self-developing form.

I’m interested in converting aspects of nature into digital formats, using 3D rendering software to explore the modern relationship with nature. Natural AI imagines AI as an organic self-developing form. What would it look like to cut out the ‘middle-man’ and have metallic post-human intelligence emerge independently? What if Iron ore’s instead of being mined, just opened up like wombs and metallic post-humans came out.

I find the debates on how AI technology will evolve in the future really interesting. The subject itself I think its endlessly interesting but mostly because of how creative and imaginative is, you’re reacting to something that hasn’t happened yet, AI and robotics has of course developed in the last few years but trying to predict where the world will be in like 50 years, I think is as much of a scientific conversation as it is an imaginative one. I love watching very serious people and films explore these ideas and feeling that it's extremely playful.

It is as exciting as it is scary, that’s the main thing that I’m trying to put across in my work. I use a lot of flowers and aspects of nature, making them look synthetic, plasticky, metallic. Incorporating robotic elements creates a futuristic image but leaves the question of what the impact on non-cyborg nature will be.