Natural AI

Imagining AI as an organic self-developing form.

“We have to admit we are in the process of building some kind of god.”

Natural AI imagines AI as an organic self-developing form. Birthed from an interest in modern technology, mythology, AI’s representation in media, and the language used to describe artificial intelligence. AI researchers and philosophers have described AI as “a weird force of nature,” “self-organizing,” and “some kind of god.” What would it look like to cut out the middle-man and have metallic post-human intelligence emerge independently? What if Iron ore’s instead of being mined, acted like wombs and birthed metallic post-humans. Imagine the life cycle of flowers, in a world where technology and nature have interlinked. As nature disintegrates into holograms, shedding precious metals and electricity into the atmosphere, pollinating the environment and even the development of post-human civilization.

The Air in Cyberspace

‘The Air in Cyberspace’ is a Si-Fi fictional collection of work depicting cyberspace as an alien planet, emerging from our own. Cyberspace is a parallel universe, a datascape of information seeping from the ‘real and physical world’ to a geographical abstract ocean of electricity.

Inspired by bioluminescence, the emission of light by a living organism and other alien-like qualities of earth’s creatures. Such as the Turritopsis Dohrnii, formally known as T. nutricula and commonly referred to as the immortal jellyfish. A sea creature that can completely reverse its biological life cycle to infancy, whilst retaining their gained knowledge. An ability only found in video game characters, such as the age rewind spell in The Sims spellcasters.

Cyberspace hasn’t overthrown earth, it’s a product of information and a translation of data, communicating through light and recognisable forms in new materials. A digital utopia oozing through the bioluminescence of imagination, inhabited by Cybugs and amalgamations of consciousness.

The Air in Cyberspace is a part of the Blueprint project, in development with The Northern Film + Media, and Tees Valley Screen – with support from Arts Council England. Blueprint is a creative development programme for Tees Valley creatives, I am one of five creatives developing a short film.