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Specialising in 3D rendering software and digital illustration, I work with musicians to produce unique music videos and artwork.

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Obyssia - Desert of The Mind

The animated music video for Obyssia's track Desert of The Mind from her debut EP Sapling.

MoonRay Pixie


Morning Dew is the final track from Moonray Pixies debut EP ‘Viriditas’ it represents the cycles of life; from every dark place, you will always emerge much stronger and back into the light. Morning Dew is an introspective track and is about Grace Stubbings, the producer behind the music's connection with spirituality. During the 2020 lockdown, Grace read and studied philosophy, religion, and history, and participate in rituals connecting with nature and the cycles. Reading a lot about the goddess’ and connected with her routes and ancestors.


The music video features a lot of symbolism representing nature and highlighting the connection and harmony between humans, nature, and technology. 

ODAS - The Long Dark

The Long Dark is part of the #DeadScenePoems​ project released across 2021. Supported by Help Musicians.

The Long Dark premiered at the 2021 Wakefield Artwalk Film Festival.

Madeleine Smyth


Photography and logo that I provided for Madeleines 2019 EP Covert.