ZAO: Liminality. The concept for this project was too experience and present the world through the perspective of a designed ZombieAlienOther. The new way of navigating existence, the ZAO isn’t seen – they follow the rules of liminality. L­iminality represents the in-between stage. This concept is very board in the subjects it can be applied too from transitional stages of life and rites of passage to modes of transport and changing landscape’s.

The body of work I created is a product of my hometown Hartlepool’s landscape. I spent a few days re-exploring Hartlepool though the ZAO’s perspective. The ZAO’s is very curious and eager to understand the environment around them, this aspect of their personality causes them to collect object they find interesting and defying of the space they are in.

When preforming as the ZAO, I collected objects throughout Hartlepool’s liminal landscapes. Focusing on the beaches which are constantly undergoing natural change as well the effect of the busy shipping docks being washed up on shore, amongst the litter washed up there is also remanence of fishing equipment and objects of leisure being left behind – for an industrial working class town I feel like it relevant that a lot of the toys left behind are forms of working equipment such as spades.

I experimented with pinhole cameras, positioning a roll of film through a small structure made from card and metal cans, there is a few layers of holes cut into the material to carefully create a lenses like gap pulling a piece of card out the way of this gap allows light in to effect the film. I also took digital photography alongside using the pinhole camera to ensure I had imagery fitting for the concept.

I looked towards Film Noir for inspiration towards visual language, because the carefully composed scenes use of strong contrasting light would help me be able to direct the viewer to specific points in the photography. I also thought about the actions the ZAO would be making when exploring a new landscape, taking photos from the perspective of looking in every direction as well as from angles of interaction such as crouching down to pick something up or feeling a surface, considering what the ZAO would see during these moments of curiosity