Grow Bloom Love

SWM collective digital show, in collaboration
with Dovetail Joints and WET Productions

SWM is a collective of three recent graduates from three principal backgrounds. Combing our experiences in art, music, and dance we work collaboratively on art and social engagement projects. We produce original work whilst also hosting workshops in the local community. SWM stands for Supporting Wellbeing through Making. Inspiring creativity is a goal that lies at the core of our creative practice.


Grow Bloom Love explores the human experience of connecting with nature, converting this coalesce into a digital environment.

-Grace Stubbings, Megan Watson, Victoria Murray

"Dovetail Joints are an independent Teesside-based arts events organisation.

The Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery is a new venture carried out in response to recent circumstances leading to the closure of galleries and exhibition spaces, leaving artists who want to exhibit their work and the public who want to engage with that art at a loss.


DJVG will be utilizing the digital realm to create new interactive exhibition spaces, providing artists with a platform to exhibit their work in spaces tailor-made to suit their needs, free from the constraints of traditional arts spaces."

- Extract from Dovetail Joints website