Over the years I have created multiple animations, from tongue and cheek plasticine fun to 3D animated art pieces. This is a page dedicated to specifically my animated work.


Obyssia - Desert of The Mind

The animated music video for Obyssia's track Desert of The Mind from her debut EP Sapling.

Morning Dew is the final track from Moonray Pixies debut EP ‘Viriditas’ it represents the cycles of life; from every dark place, you will always emerge much stronger and back into the light. Morning Dew is an introspective track and is about Grace Stubbings, the producer behind the music's connection with spirituality.

A short animation produced with SWM collective, promoting Diane Watson's ongoing project Garden of the Deep. Diane is a North East artist who has been making flowers out of plastic bottles, collected from local beaches. The flowers represent the intrusion of plastic pollution in our oceans. The Garden of the Deep button takes you to her website.

The daily activity of preparing, cooking and eating food, like most things, is surrounded by design elements and qualities. This animation was produced alongside an essay examining the design of daily activities and food preparation.

A continuing exploration of daily activities and being lost in thought. Frequently driving between towns in the northeast I love the view of wide-open landscapes, especially when they are framed with eighty-foot tall skeletal steel structures. In still traffic there mesmerizing to look at; I think the beauty in the way they’re connected comes from the large space within and between.

The Long Dark is part of the #DeadScenePoems​ project released across 2021. Supported by Help Musicians.

The Long Dark premiered at the 2021 Wakefield Artwalk Film Festival.

Produced alongside a body of work when studying at Goldsmiths University of London. This video is an outcome from my third-year final major project "I am obsessed with being relaxed." More details can be found by clicking on the Herbalism button. 


An animation based on the repetition of blinking, songs being stuck in your head, and patterns. Apart of the Extension of Space project, as I explore how to interact with and become a medium. Please contact me to find out more about this project.

From the start of 2021, I really got into animating short clips regularly, this is the first I made followed by the portrait animations that are featured on this page. A lot of the clips explore the ideas around my Natural AI project and have been a fun way to familiarise myself with new animation techniques building up to the production of longer videos. 

In collaboration with Jane Boehlert and Tatyana Eastap-Johnson. Produced during a one-day video workshop when studying critical and speculative design at Goldsmiths University of London.

I am apart of the North East based art group SWM collective. Through which I produce original content for the Instagram page, as well as designing the branding and directing the visual expression for exhibitions and creative opportunities